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After Sales Services

Supply of Machinery Spare Parts

This company has equipped spare parts center with the aim of satisfying respectful customers. In this regard we have tried to stock the most required spare parts (light and heavy). And also toexpediteour customers’needs, supplying spare parts department has been launched its activity to be able to arrange for ordering and importing the required parts at the earliest possible time.

After sales services

A.S.M  for appropriate responding to Repairingrequirements ofits customers and minimize machinery cease, has launched to establish repair and maintenance unit thatconsists of two segments: central workshop and mobile services. It is worth to say that having trained and professional technical staff, goodfacilities, standardand modernfault diagnosis machinery are among the noteworthy points of this unit.

Educational services

Considering  the importance of education issue in maintaining and utilizing the heavy machinery, one of the main obligations of AHURA SANAAT MACHINE to its customers is their training. In this regard, some plans have beenscheduled by using specialist engineers for preparing textbooksand requiredtraining classessuch as service, maintaining,Operation, Machinery Efficiency Management and etc  .In this regard, the applicants can contact the company's training unit to benefit from the services.

Finally,  nice to mention that this company has been successful in obtaining the quality and productivity standards certification such as OHSAS 18001:2007, ISO 14001:2004, ISO 9001: 2008 and HSE-MS REQUIREMENT with its great performance and also after sale services quality, that indicate to the company’s managers and staff’s effort in order to satisfy customers.




Unit 4, No 8, 21st St , Khaled Eslamboli St


Beheshti Ave, Tehran  - IRAN



Tel: (+9821)  88557758-60

Fax : (+9821) 88726426

Mobile : (+98)  9128457659


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